Partner Success Guide

How to improve your customers' delivery experience!

Monitor your iPad for new orders and accept them ASAP

When a restaurant takes longer than 5 minutes to accept or reject an order, it has a much higher likelihood of arriving to the customer late. Make sure the volume on the alerts is enabled to not miss new orders!

Provide accurate prep times when accepting new orders

The prep time you indicate goes into our algorithm to decide when to send a driver. We strongly recommend aiming for 15 to 20 minutes for food preparation to ensure timely delivery. Accurate estimates are a crucial first step in providing a great delivery experience!

Use the notify feature if an order is ready early

This will help us get a driver out faster and prevent orders from sitting for too long and losing quality.

Pause your restaurant when you’re too busy for new orders

This can be easily done within your Dashboard by clicking “Pause” under the Restaurants tab. Simply turning your iPad off  will not prevent customers from placing orders. If you don’t resume orders, you will be brought back on automatically the next day.

Keep your iPad powered on and WiFi connected when you’re open

Make sure your WiFi network is working and keep your iPad plugged in at all times to avoid a dead battery. This is how your customers’ orders will reach you!

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